3SO30 Seconds Out (Cleveland, OH band)
3SOStrategic Sourcing Support Office (US Navy)
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A few of our members have already participated in integrated supply chain management services in the past and have realized benefits such as reduced costs and increased efficiencies," said Lyndon Smith, general manager, 3SO.
Kingston General Hospital, a member of 3SO, implemented SAP ERP previously to better manage its back-office processes and has seen significant improvements in reporting and control of government subsidies, increased accuracy in tracking project costs and enhanced efficiency in processing employee vacation accruals and quotas.
3SO will leverage SAP ERP, a proven, market-leading enterprise resource planning application that helps organizations better manage their businesses, optimize operations and perform critical functions, including procurement and logistics, financials, human capital management, and sales and service.
With shared services, healthcare customers such as 3SO can gain financial savings and efficiencies to help lower healthcare costs and further improve patient care for Canadians.