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3SUM differentiates itself from other mainstream malt beverages by offering the industry's first malternative product infusing caffeine, ginseng and taurine, in four unique varieties: Original, a mixed berry taste; Apple, a tart green apple tang; a cool, pink Watermelon flavor; and Tropical, a blend of exotic fruits.
3SUM also incorporates triple filtered clear malt, for a clean refreshing taste and superior quality.
As a result, the world's largest convenience retailer launched full distribution of 3SUM on a national level.
The race for the next big thing in 'malternative' beverages has come to a head, and the winner is -- a 3SUM.
With 3SUM, we have created a super premium alcoholic beverage with the flavors and colors of fresh-picked fruit.
In addition to appealing to hip, young trendsetters with its great new taste, 3SUM offers unique packaging, too - Talisman imagery on slim 8.
3SUM went from the groundbreaking initial concept to final government approvals this past summer.
Vice President of Sales Terry Kester plans to have 3SUM launched in 20 states before the end of this year.