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3DFXThree Dimensional Effects
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For more information on Costimator with 3DFX and MTI Systems, contact MTI Systems, 59 Interstate Drive, West Springfield, MA 01089; Phone 800-644-4318
In addition 3dfx has introduced more competitive pricing on its Voodoo4 range of cards.
"Voodoo delivers better visual quality, across more titles, at the highest possible frame rates," said Bryan Speece, director of Macintosh business development at 3dfx Interactive.
3dfx Interactive Europe has expanded to the multimedia peripherals market with the launch of VoodooTV, its new 'tuner on a chip' product for PCs.
3dfx Interactive is a developer of graphics accelerator chips, boards and software based in Richardson, TX, that bring media-rich game and educational applications to life.
Robotics (modems), ATI and 3Dfx (video cards), Sound Blaster (audio cards), Intel (chipsets and microprocessors), Microsoft (keyboard and mouse), and Seagate (HDDs).
The Net is now full of frantic Trekkies trying to get quick beta-patch fixes for a host of problems involving the most commonly-used 3DFX card, Voodoo.
In addition, several open source 3D graphics development projects - such as the 3dfx Glide drivers for Linux, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) Project, and the Crystal Space 3D engine - are hosted on Source Forge.
But Real3D also has legal suits out against 3Dfx Inc and ATI Technologies Inc, over claimed infringements of its texture mapping technologies.
3DFX: 11 - 0.13 -1.12% 3DO: 7.78 - 0.28 -3.49% ACCLAIM: 7.09 + 0.03 + 0.44% ACTIVISION: 14.38 - 0.13 - 0.86% ADRENALIN: 3.78 - 0.22 -5.47% AOL: 90.88 - 0.44 - 0.48% BRLNT DIG.: 3.5 - 0.25 -6.67% CREATIVE: 9.81 UNCH UNCH DIAMOND: 5 + 0.06 + 1.27% DISNEY: 28.06 + 0.31 + 1.13% E.
One of their leading manufacturers is called 3Dfx, the parent company of Quantum3D.
A 133 MHz Pentium Processor and 16 MB Ram does not sound excessive these days but it also points out that a 3dfx video card is "strongly recommended".