3DIDevelopmental, Dimensional and Diagnostic Interview (autism assessment)
3DIThree-Digit Interstate highway (US)
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The 3Di NORDAC sails are smoother, with a more permanent aerodynamic shape for greater control, speed, and comfort.
The Ortholoc 3Di Plating System includes a number of anatomical plates, screws and specialized surgical instrumentation used for fracture fixation, osteotomies, and fusions of the foot.
The 3Di was produced following several years of developmental work by Nats in consultation with airline customers and the UK's specialist aviation regulator, the CAA.
The clear, natural and 3D images delivered by the 3Di Vision System, however, enabled the surgeons to successfully complete the surgery with minimal bleeding and trauma to the patient.
The Developmental, Dimensional and Diagnostic Interview, known as 3di, is a computerized program that analyzes autistic symptoms in clinical and normal populations, said David Skuse, M.
Based on how well the children met the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), the 3di program diagnosed 29 of the children with a significant autistic disorder.
Cobb, who is employed in Boeing Commercial Airplanes Manufacturing R&D, has demonstrated the system--dubbed Constellation 3Di by its maker, Arc Second--at several Boeing production sites around the country.
August Technology (Nasdaq:AUGT, Minneapolis, has received a multimillion-dollar order from one of Taiwan's leading bumping service providers, for multiple 3Di Series 300mm wafer and bump inspection systems.
Attempts to reach 3DI on Saturday were unsuccessful.
The one-piece molded 3Di sails are made using the TPT (thin-ply technology) patented system, a light-weight pre-preg product used in America's Cup boats and Formula 1 cars.