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3DOThree Dimensional Object
3DO3 Dimensional Object
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2-(4-(dimethylamino)benzylidene-5,5-dimethylcyclohexane-1,3-dione (3do) : M.F.: [C.sub.17][H.sub.21]N[O.sub.2]; Mp (C) 188-190; [sup.1]HNMR (DMSO-[d.sub.6], 400MHz) [delta] (ppm): 1.13(s, 6H, C-CH3), 2.88 (s, 6H, N-C[H.sub.3]), 3.01(s, 4H), 6.66-7.30 (m, 4H, Ar-H), 8.32(S, 1H); [sup.13]CNMR (DMSO-[d.sub.6],100 MHz) [delta] (ppm): 26.67, 30.87, 40.45, 53.44, 114.04, 124.67, 127.56, 140.34, 148.88, 146.77, 194.81; Mass spectrum, m/z = 271 [[M].sup.+].
The first commercial multiplayer online game of this type was, Meridian 59, published in 1996 by 3DO [3].
8 -- Panasonic has decided to enter the handheld console market again two decades after the unsuccessful 3DO, and has released images and videos of its prototype, called The Jungle.
Only generation 4 presents a problem which, upon examination of the error terms, stems from two observations: Panasonic 3DO in 1996 and Sega Dreamcast in 2001.
Before Microsoft he held positions of executive director and engineering director at the 3DO Company and technical director at Silicon Dreams Ltd.
In Section A of the Appendix, the alliance of 3DO with Toshiba and the alliance of Silicon Graphics with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, both in 1994, provide such examples.
SUITE 744, 2 OLD BROMPTON ROAD, LONDON SW7 3DO. By appointment only
According to Flexcar, Dana Beard, a graduate of Dartmouth College who has held marketing and business management positions with E*TRADE Group, Incorporated, Motorola, Inc., and The 3DO Company, will have overall responsibility for the daily operations of the region, as well as for growing Flexcar in San Francisco.
An additional deal with The 3DO Company for a set-top box also failed to materialize.
Though his plan to become a basketball star ended in 1993 when he dropped out of Purdue University, he'd accumulated enough knowledge of computer science to start his own game development company, E Entertainment, that he ended up selling to The 3DO, a San Francisco-based gaming company.
3Do not cut out fats altogether as essential fats found in oily fish, hummus, nuts and green leafy vegetables can be good for you.
The 3DO Company (NASDAQ:THDO), Redwood City, Calif.