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3PCCThird Party Call Control
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net include: -- JAIN SIP, an open source SIP protocol stack with standard interfaces and the technology compatibility kit -- JAIN SIP Presence Proxy, an open source proxy for lookup and setting up sessions and voice calls -- SIP Communicator, an open source voice soft phone with built in media and instant messaging based on standards -- JAIN SIP 3pcc, third party call control based on JAIN SIP -- MIM, Mobile Instant Messaging -- gjtapi, JTAPI and JAIN Call Control pluggable framework About java.
NewStep Networks' CCM solution resides within the various telephony networks and performs 3PCC on behalf of Live Communications Server 2005 and Communicator users.
As a member of this program, NewStep Networks is well positioned to develop additional telephony applications that leverage the 3PCC capabilities of Microsoft's real-time collaboration solutions.