4-DFour Dimensional
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The 2, 4-D application after CB significantly decreased juice mass (%) and increased TSS, total and non reducing sugars (%) in comparison with control.
That's why our new modelling method uses a 4-D approach-taking into account the three normal space axes, plus time, to coordinate the traffic phasing with the demolition and construction of the old and new segments, respectively, he said.
Starting in 2009, we have used the 4-D System in this course.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Advances in 4-D Printing, expects the aerospace, defense, automotive and healthcare industries to be the first to adopt 4-D printing technology after its commercialization.
Although it may sound like a throwaway gag from "The Jetsons," the 4-D movie experience could be coming to a theater near you sooner than you think, according to the South Korean conglomerate CJ Group (Kosdaq: 035760), owner of Asia's largest theater chain.
It plans to build America's first 4-D screen multiplex in New York and if it is a success, they will expand into Europe.
The production and degradation of 2, 4-D leads to the creation of many compounds including chlorophenols (Michalowicz, 2005, Bukowska, 2006).
The multi-sensory animation created by Red Star 3-D is set in Liverpool's only 4-D cinema.
Clare Rees, an art teacher from Hirwaun who is expecting her first baby with husband Gavin, has already had the 4-D scan.
Going into the 4-D ultrasound business was not cheap.
This year, the centre has enhanced its 50-plus display tanks with a spectacular 4-D cinema screening wildlife films that plunge you into the thick of the action
New for 2009 is the Sensorama 4-D Cinema, a sensational movie experience screening films in 3-D plus spine-tingling real physical effects