4-QAMFour-Phase Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
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where P is the total power of the transmitters, [P.sub.x] and [P.sub.y] are the real and the imaginary parts of the 4-QAM symbols, respectively.
Caption: Figure 3: Illustration of unconditional and conditional 4-QAM constellation processing.
For N = 128 subcarriers, 4-QAM symbols are generated by loading 72 bits into the system.
The computational complexity comparisons of the improved QRD-M algorithm, original QRD-M algorithm, OB-MMSE algorithm, SD algorithm, and the ML algorithm are provided in Figure 4 over 4x4 MIMO channel with [N.sub.A] = 3 for 4-QAM modulation.
For the first consideration (as presented in the first set of plots), SU demands in queue 1 are served at a data rate of 6 bits per symbol (64-QAM modulation) for each unit of time, while demands in queue 2 are served at a rate of 2 bits per symbol (4-QAM modulation) for each unit of time.
In case of 4-QAM the values [X.sup.c.sub.k] originating from the constellation point marked by gray color may fall in the following regions:
The CM criterion can successfully equalize signals characterized by source alphabets not possessing a constant modulus (e.g., 16-QAM), as well as those possessing a constant modulus (e.g., 4-QAM) (see Fig.
The analytical results for Q-PSK or 4-QAM under Nakagami-m fading channel including the Rayleigh fading channel.