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Danglars sold yesterday at 405, and pockets 300,000 francs.
With the loan secured, OCTA has given the contractor, OC 405 Partners, notice to fully proceed with the design and construction of the project.
The average demand price was 405,00 AMD/$1 USD, the average price of an offer was 405,50 AMD/$1 USD.
405 Networks did not disclose the purchase price but said that it will keep Huevia.
It will close the 405 from its intersection with the 10 freeway stretching north to the San Fernando Valley.
Turns out that in places the 405 serves as the boundary of an eruvthe enclosure within which (and only within which) observant Jews may perform certain tasks during Shabbat.
A pavement crack was spotted Friday in the 405 Freeway shoulder, near the 101 connector bridge above Ventura Boulevard, said Caltrans spokeswoman Maria Raptis.
VeriSilicon Holdings Co Ltd, a fabless ASIC design foundry and semiconductor IP provider, has announced that it has entered into an agreement with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to offer the PowerPC 405 and 440 microprocessors.
Expected to be completed autumn 2008, 405 West 53rd Street Condominiums will be a seven story commercial, condo and townhouse development with on-site underground parking available.
The Relion 405 Tower is the workstation equivalent of Penguin Computing's Relion 405 rack mount server.
4 405 was a tax breaker aimed at company car drivers who wanted a larger saloon but wanted to stay in the bottom bracket for car tax.
The average demand price was 405,25 AMD/$1 USD, the average price of an offer was 405,50 AMD/$1 USD.