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409Conflict (HTTP status code)
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"Yes; I am calculating -- by the way, Morcerf, that indirectly concerns you -- I am calculating what the house of Danglars must have gained by the last rise in Haiti bonds; from 206 they have risen to 409 in three days, and the prudent banker had purchased at 206; therefore he must have made 300,000 livres."
"And what has caused the sudden fall from 409 to 206?" asked Monte Cristo.
In this case, Ayeyarwady Region legislative assembly deputy director Zaw Lin Tun filed a case against former deputy chairman of assembly San Min Aung from Bogale constituency under section 409 (breach of trust) of Penal Code for procuring five vehicles to be used by the assembly.
The Maryland District Court relied upon a 1976 Department of Labor (DOL) advisory opinion, which it held was “entitled to respect” under Supreme Court guidance because of its “power to persuade.” The DOL explained that Section 409(b) “did not exempt an ERISA fiduciary from carrying out its responsibilities under Title I of ERISA.” For example, although a fiduciary may not be liable under Section 409 for the acts of predecessor fiduciaries, if he knows of a breach of responsibility that one of them committed, he would be obligated to take whatever action is responsible and appropriate under the circumstances to remedy it.
That you on 21 December 2016 at the Malaysian Finance Ministry Complex in the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, as a public servant, that is as Finance Minister and Treasury Secretary-General respectively in that capacity had been entrusted with power over a property, that is a sum of RM655 million, belonging to the Government of Malaysia, had committed a criminal breach of trust on that property, which is an offence punishable under Section 409 of the Penal Code read together with Section 34 of the same Act.
Call 01244 409 113 CHESTER: Tortoise Takeover with DJ Goldtash at Telford's Warehouse in Tower Wharf.
"However, the following facts proved otherwise and even supported respondent Anabel Moncera Salipada's claim that the seized articles were not recovered in her presence; and respondent Fehmi Lassoued was not at Room 409 during the implementation of SW (search warrant) No.
407 West Nth Street was formerly Manon, a multilevel restaurant with velvet-accented decor, while 409 West Nth Street was once home to the nightclub Lotus.
Significantly, about two months back Tilak Nagar SHO, from where Jagbir was transferred to Punjabi Bagh station, had sought a written permission to register a case against Jagbir under Section 409 ( criminal breach of trust by a public servant) of the Indian Penal Code.
The average demand price was 409,01 AMD/$1 USD, the average price of an offer was 409,25 AMD/$1 USD.
Transaction prices for Types 409 and 409 ULTRA FORM(R) stainless steels will be raised by USD0.02 per pound.