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412Precondition Failed (HTTP status code)
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Assume the accused has been convicted of an offense to which MRE 412 applies, for example, rape and carnal knowledge.
The defense will have to show that it is relevant, material and favorable, just like any other MRE 412 evidence.
The tests that produced the data for figures 1 and 2 were based exactly on the ASTM standard D 412, with a quite high test speed of 20 in.
412, the Ohio legislature attempts to deal with this issue, as well.
The funding requirements are in Section 412 of the IRC.
Practitioners have litigated MRE 412 heavily since its enactment.
Unless otherwise specified, the material shall be tested to ASTM D 412, Method A requirements at 23 [degrees] C.
This new dedicated service contract has commenced in Perth, WA, with the temporary provision of an existing Bell 412 from the CHC fleet.
Military Black Hawk 60 Series; the Bell Helicopter 430, 412 and 212; Eurocopter's EC135 and BK117; and in Japan on helicopters including the JMSDF SH-60J and UH-60J, and the JSDF UH-60J.
The PUC on September 12, 1996 allowed Bell Atlantic to "overlay" a new 724 area code on top of the currently existing 412 area code which is approaching full utilization.