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Last week, the PUC voted to create a 424 area code overlay for all new phone numbers in the 310 area beginning next summer.
The D'Lite 412 and D'Lite 424 are designed to provide 12 POTS in the D'Lite 412, and 24 in the D'Lite 424.
This new dialing procedure must be used starting July 26, 2006 by everyone with phone numbers with 310 or 424 area codes.
Bowne, the oldest listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, will move 424 employees from its location at 345 Hudson Street.
16 whether to go ahead with the overlay plan, which would assign the 424 area code to new phones lines in the 310 region.
18, 2005 to reach a new collective bargaining agreement between Elizabethtown Gas and the UWUA Local 424 representing 168 field employees in New Jersey.
424 Madison Avenue also is conveniently located near Grand Central Terminal, with new access only two blocks south of the store.
New telephone numbers assigned in the same area may receive the new 424 area code.
The Route 424 project required by Hazleton business leaders will broaden Route 424 into the Humboldt Industrial Park.
In the western San Fernando Valley, line 424 starts at Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Sherman Way, and travels through Northridge, Encino and Universal City before heading downtown.
All customers with 310 and 424 area codes must dial 1+10-digits on all calls, including those within and between the 310 or 424 area codes.