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4424-Barrel Carb, 4-Speed Transmission and Dual Exhaust (Oldsmobile)
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Unlike revolvers that feature shrouded hammers, both 442 revolvers are true hammerless designs; there is no way to physically cock the hammer before firing.
The new version of the 442 looks like a million bucks despite being a classic workingman's gun.
While they look almost identical to the standard 442 boot-type polymer panels, the right side has a clip built into it that allows the revolver to be carried on a belt or in a pocket without the need for a holster.
The rounded clip especially increases the distance to the trigger for shooters like the author who utilize an extra high grip for better recoil management--and that's important for an alloyframe airweight like the 442.
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442 final regulations defer the automatic-year change procedures for C corporations to IRS administrative pronouncements.
With its 442 percent growth rate over five years, Fonix has proven that its leadership has the vision and determination to grow in difficult conditions.