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480iEDTV specification, 480 lines of resolution, interlaced
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"That's why the new GY-HM750E offers the flexibility to record in 480i as well as a variety of HD formats.
AUDIOVISUAL--The KD-VP6 and KD-VP8 high-performance video processors accept Standard Definition (SDTV) 480i and PAL 576i composite, component, and S-Video, as well as Extended Definition (EDTV) 480p and 576p component analog sources, and output component video format with optional user-controlled de-interlacing capability.
MCA, current multiple format standards for digital video (i.e., progressive, interlaced formats in various resolutions: 480p, 480i, 720p, 720i, 1080p, 1080i), and in earlier days, the Ethernet architecture as it competed with IBM's Token Ring.
The old television standard set by the NTSC was labeled 480i. This format had 480 horizontal lines of resolution that were, as the "i" signifies, "interlaced." That is, the television displayed the odd-numbered lines every 60th of a second and the even-numbered lines in the next 60th of a second.
PYRO A/V Link is a universal solution for capturing video from analog sources (RCA, S-VHS or Component) such as an 8mm camcorder, a VCR, a TV or an HDTV set-top box (480i component only); and from digital devices such as DV camcorders and DV cameras.
But Starz chairman John Sie also plans to offer a high-resolution 480i feed for cable operators pressed for bandwidth.
Three major problems remain unsolved: stations unable to afford new equipment for 1080i HDTV have resorted to less-expensive 480i resolution, more or less useless beyond close proximity to transmitters; disagreements concerning protecting digital content appear headed for Congressional action; and mandating DTV tuners in new sets has the Consumer Electronics Association threatening to fight the DTV decision in U.S.