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486Intel 80486 Microprocessor
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In a pattern that would repeat itself throughout the decade, computer techies spat out new chips that made the 486 obsolete in a hurry.
Misoprostol is a prostaglandin sometimes used in conjunction with RU 486.
c) RU 486/PG: Increases Severity Of Adverse RU 486 Effects And Presents Separate Complications
Texas Instruments is backing up its decision with market research that shows the 486 as the dominant chip through the end of '95.
For example, 64% of very small CPA firms were using 486 laptop computers, compared with only 54% of large firms.
Overstatements about RU 486 could fill volumes, but beneath all the rhetoric most women's health experts and advocates agree on one basic point: used together with prostaglandin for the early termination of pregnancy, RU 486 has an excellent record of effectiveness, safety and acceptability in France, where almost 200,000 women have used it since 1989.
Users can install the REV TO 486 CPU upgrades in ten to fifteen minutes by simply snapping the 1.
Instead of privatizing abortion, the use of RU 486 requires at least four, and as many as seven, trips to the hospital or clinic.
At the high end of Zenith Data Systems' 486 desktop family sits the Z-486/33E workstation, a state-of-the-art system for the most demanding CAD, CAE, windowing and mathematical analysis applications.
Will he show the same intelligence and independence on RU 486 and stand up the Republican orthodoxy on this important scientific issue?
That sizeable niche of 386 computers is also a large potential market for true 486 upgrades.
Right now, it's not much faster than a 486 with a comparable clock rate.