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486Intel 80486 Microprocessor
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In a pattern that would repeat itself throughout the decade, computer techies spat out new chips that made the 486 obsolete in a hurry.
The purported purpose of the trials is to compare the effectiveness of RU 486 with another chemical abortion method.
We have previously reviewed several products including Cyrix's 486DRu2 replacement chip designed to upgrade '386 systems to '486 performance.
By comparison, my desktop computer--a 66-Mhz 486 with twice the RAM of the laptop--which is loaded with Windows 3.1, could barely handle a quarter of those applications, and certainly it could not perform a defragmentation at the same time.
a) RU 486 Alone Is Ineffective And Poses Significant Adverse Effects, Complications, And Potential Risks
Frankly, this type of cutting-edge experience is not something you're going to casually create on your 486 PC.
Sixteen months later, on May 16, 1994, Secretary Shalala announced an agreement had been reached whereby the French manufacturer, Roussel-Uclaf, would relinquish without remuneration the US rights to RU 486 to the Population Council, a non-profit, nongovernmental, scientific research organization based in New York.
Pro-choice groups have brought heavy pressure on President Bill Clinton to take steps to allow the importation and sale of RU 486, extolling it as a preferred means of abortion.
Many campus users run applications that don't require numeric coprocessing but do need 486 support for a multiple windows environment.
I was pleased to read The Nation's May 13 editorial on RU 486 by Lawrence Lader, "Breaking the Ban." As Lader reported, the twin gatekeepers of RU 486, the French manufacturer and the U.S.
This decision was immediately overruled by the French government, which mandated a resumption of production on the grounds that governmental approval for marketing meant that "RU 486 became the moral property of women."
On Friday morning, there were 26 outbreaks on 250.7 hectares, by Saturday morning, the number rose to 37, and the area enlarged to 486 hectares.