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4B3T4 Binary, 3 Ternary (Euro-ISDN)
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Supporting ADSL service with both the 2B1Q ISDN line code (50kHz baseband) common throughout most of Europe, and the 4B3T ISDN line code (70kHz baseband) prevalent in Germany and parts of Austria, the CopperEdge Annex B ADSL Line Card will enable providers to utilize the advanced features of Copper Mountain's CopperEdge DSL concentrators to cost-effectively provision, scale and manage simultaneous voice and data services for millions of European subscribers who are currently served by ISDN phone lines.
1, ISDN, 4B3T, 2B1Q, telephony, and European harmonized standards.
703 E1 and RS422 interfaces and are compatible with both 2B1Q and 4B3T ISDN line codes.