4CR4-Color Rebellion (website, comic books)
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Series of Creep Test Test Designation Mixture Curing type 1CR Mixture-1 Dry 2CR Mixture-1 Steam 3CR Mixture-2 Dry 4CR Mixture-2 Steam Table 4.
When all of the GT500 class cars had completed their pit stops and returned to the race, the battles between the LC 500 cars intensified again, with the No 36 LEXUS LC 500 au TOM'S and No 6 LEXUS LC 500 WAKO'S 4CR fighting hard for second place.
Eventually, despite stiff competition from No 6 LEXUS LC 500 WAKO'S 4CR in the final stages, the No 37 LEXUS LC 500 KeePer TOM'S - now with Hirakawa at the wheel - was able to maintain its lead until the checkered flag and secure the win.