4EATFour Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission
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James O'Loan, consultant pharmacist at doctor-4-u.co.uk, said: "Try cycling or swimming - they're low-impact and easy on the joints," suggests YOUR 4EAT BEETS, ASPARAGUS AND CELERY Nutritionist Emma Thornton said: "Beetroot juice is rich in nitrates which gently dilate (or relax) our blood vessels, helping increase blood flow and oxygen to the tummy and uterus, which can ease discomfort and cramping."
4Eat the (pregnancy experience headaches." Glenville, expert "To hours, grains, sugar For regular migraines that don't respond to regular painkillers, your doctor may prescribe a triptan, which narrows the blood vessels in the head and also blocks the transmission of pain.
4Eat crunchy fruit and veg - not only the most health snack, crunchy fruit and vegetables act as a natural toothbrush, reducing plaque and keeping teeth clean.
4Eat real bread "Most (95%) commercial bread is made using an industrial process," explains nutrition consultant Dr Chris Fenn, chrisfenn.com.
4Eat three walnuts a day Walnuts are the healthiest nut of all because they contain the most diseasefighting and antiageing antioxidants, according to recent search from the University of Scranton, US.
ccording to a al tal - sex ading 4Eat ree ts three walnuts a day Walnuts are the healthiest nut of all because they contain the most disease-fighting and anti-ageing antioxidants, according to research from University of Scranton.
4EAT off a smaller plate that's full, rather than a bigger plate which isn't.
4EAT CURRY THERE'S a theory why India has one of the world's lowest rates of Alzheimer's - and that's thought to be down to the benefits of curry.
4Eat chocolate: Choose a dark one with a high cocoa content which contains phenylalaninie, an amino acid which affects arousal and enhances mood.
4Eat three small meals a day and two snacks: this keeps blood sugar levels more balanced than eating three large meals.
4EAT a small baked potato, with the skin, before you go to bed.