4ESSSeries 4 Electronic Switching System (AT&T)
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* MAPS-ISDN application now supports 4ESS & Bellcore ISDN standards
The power distribution architecture of a 5ESS is similar to that of a 4ESS. Rectifiers convert the commercial ac to dc and provide bulk dc power to several power distribution cabinets located at various positions in the system.
Systematic software testing using VeriSoft: An analysis of the 4ESS heart-beat monitor.
Transtech will also be able to utilize high speed data transfer on demand through switched digital services carried over a primary rate interface bridge between the 4ESS (AT&T network node) and the AT&T system 85 PBX.
If Tucson also has calls queued up, the AT&T 4ESS switch in Tucson is alerted that the call has already been redirected.