4FR4 Fiber Ring (Nortel)
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Extractor of stones (for 120 cm, 3fr, basket length 16 mm), surgical ureteral stent, ch 6, closed, sense 45cm, surgical ureteral stent, ch 4.8, closed, sense 45cm, extractor of stones with spiral nitinol basket (for 120 cm, 4fr, basket length 16 mm), wire conductor with two straight hydrophilic tips
A mini-scope of 4FR or a semi-rigid ureteroscope of 7/8.5 FR with pneumatic wolf lithoclast was used for the fragmentation of stones.
Nominations can be submitted to Midland Air Museum, Rowley Road, Baginton, CV3 4FR.
By permission: John Deere 3350 Tractor (K) pounds 10,000; John Deere 6610 Tractor (W) pounds 14750; MF 6280 Tractor (X) pounds 13850; Matbro TS260 Forklift pounds 5450; Taarup Topper pounds 480; Dablo Rollers pounds 400; Accord Drill pounds 1650; Gambi Sprayer pounds 1800; Kvernland 4FR Ploughs pounds 1900 and pounds 1650; Muck Grab pounds 900; Strimech Bucket pounds 500; Marston Silage Trailer pounds 2100; Calf Creeps to pounds 200; Ritchie Bale Grab pounds 370; Amazone Ferti Spreader pounds 320
Contract awarded for Acquisition of subclavian catheter sterile, Disposable and free of pyrogens, Double lumen: 16g / 4fr, Length: 13 centimeter (s)
4Fr or 5 Fr Renal double curve (RDC) catheter (Cordis), Simmons (SIM 1) catheter (Cordis), or a Cobra (C1) angiographic catheter (Cordis) were advanced over a 0.035-inch guidewires.
NH TC56 Combine (N) pounds 25,400; MF4370 Tractor (02) pounds 18,600; MF399 Tractor (P) pounds 11,900; MF6180 Tractor (N) pounds 12,200; MF6180 Tractor (P) pounds 11,400; JD4400 Forklift (N) with attach pounds 10,310; Landrover Defender (03) pounds 11,600; Kuhn Ventra Combi Drill pounds 5,300; Kuhn 300Z Power Harrow pounds 3,400; JD550 Baler pounds 3,600; Gambetti 2100L Sprayer pounds 4,000; Marshall 11T Trailer pounds 5,400; Marshall 8.5T Trailer pounds 8,900; Glendale 8T Trailer pounds 900; KRM Ferti Spreader pounds 2,350; Ifor Williams Stock Trailer pounds 1,500; KV 4FR Plough pounds 5,000; Vaderstad 620 Rollers pounds 2,120; Star Diet Feeder pounds 1,300; Fransguard Haybob pounds 750; Farmforce Press pounds 900; Kongskilde Blower pounds 580.
New Holland TX32 Combine (L) pounds 21,800; Merlo Forklift (S) pounds 10,200; MF3095 Tractor (N) pounds 7,000; MF3095 Tractor (L) pounds 5,400; John Deere 2850 Tractor (G) pounds 4,150; KRM 3m Combi Drill Unit pounds 5,500; Kuhn 3m Drill Unit pounds 4,600; Kvernland 4FR Plough pounds 2,220; Hardi 1000L Sprayer pounds 2,000; Marshall 10.5T Trailer pounds 3,900; Marshall 10T Trailer pounds 2,650; Weeks 10T Trailer pounds 1,800; 10T Silage Trailer pounds 1,500;.
The subject of this call for quotations is the supply of weinberg cerebral angiographic catheters, size 4fr and 5fr.
Double-j stent 4Fr, Sterile with positioner, Length 20 cms
With screw cap, universal connector and anti-reflux valve, 1,000ml capacity.,subclavian catheter triple lumen of dihydrofolic polyurethane, pediatric, 16g / 8cm 4fr long with hydrophilic, disposable guide, radiopaque, individually packaged, sterile, pyrogen free, with device for attachment to skin.,transparent syringe infusion sets, 50 to 60 ml, with included transparent line pump, detached, sterile, disposable packaging.,punta yellow plastic, disposable, for automatic pipette, of 1-5000mcl bag 1000 units.,vacuum glass tube 5ml without anticoagulant for blood collection.
Hypodermic needle material: stainless steel, sterile: yes, pyrogen-: yes, calibre: 18 g x 1 1/2 ",bata, manga: long, size: m style: gabacha, cuffs: elastic, type: medical, color: yellow, material: polypropylene,central line, identification of measurement: 18 g / 4fr, lumen: 3 special feature: subclavian, length c: 20 centimeter (s),subclavian catheter material: hydrophilic polyurethane, triple lumen: 16g / 5fr, condition: sterile, disposable and non-pyrogenic, patient: pediatric, class: radiopaque contains: hydrophilic guide device for attachment to skin.,circuit application: neonatal double line and cascade refilling, special feature: two-line cascda autofil several color: if etc.