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4GLFourth Generation Language
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The customer highlighted several reasons to justify transitioning from 4GL to Java.
A 4GL database application can be made quite easy to use with handy features such as context-sensitive help screens, look-up boxes, pulldown menus and prompting messages.
0 offers the 100,000-strong Sybase developer community unmatched power and 4GL ease of use," said Dr.
Based on proven 4GL technology, BDS enables the predictable development and deployment of both legacy and new Internet-enabled applications and business logic.
4GL School Solutions has created a successful, replicable process to ensure Special Education children get the high-quality, consistent level of support demanded by Federal and state law today.
because of the quality of the product, the reputation of the company, and the excellent people who work with 4GL in Texas.
4GL School Solutions helps school districts define and articulate their business process for managing all aspects of Special Education and other programs such as English as a Second Language and services for children with physical disabilities -- helping client districts implement best practices.
We need to continue to meet federal and state requirements for managing all aspects of Special Education, including the IEP process, and 4GL is partnering with us to do just that.
For the recently completed fiscal year, 4GL School Solutions Inc.
This investment recognizes 4GL School Solutions' great success in providing large school systems with data driven solutions that actually ease the pain of Special Education management," said Clark Easter, President and Founder of 4GL School Solutions.