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4GLFourth Generation Language
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4GL. In striking contrast with the dearth of evaluative studies of the structured techniques, there has been some interesting research into the value of 4GLs.
The beauty of a good 4GL is that all the elements programmers need to create these applications are already there.
A partnership with 4GL developer Progress Software Corp could see any of their 200 ISVs use Esoft shortly.
The distribution criteria for intrasite distribution have been coded in C as well, and the decision support procedure has been implemented in ObjectPAL(tm), a 4GL on an Intel PC.
Over 300 installed base, using the 4GL Progress database supporting DOS, UNIX, and VMS.
President Kennedy School Head teacher: Mr P J Thomas Address: Rookery Lane, Coventry, CV6 4GL Tel: 024 7666 1416 Email: reception@pks.coventry.sch.uk
* Rapid Prototyping - by providing an application road map and 4GL tools that allow skilled contributors to focus exclusively on the areas that need their expertise
6,003,037 for its "SmartObjects for the Development of Object Oriented Software." This invention provides the Progresse 4GL with an advanced object-oriented programming environment that enables developers to create business applications that can be deployed in multiple computing models.
SuperNova Inc, the Dutch 4GL company turned EAI supplier says 70% of the customers it is now picking up for its middle-market application development and integration suite are new users and only 30% of sales are going its Four Seasons 4GL installed base.