4GNSS4th Generation Networking Silicon System (Extreme)
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The new 4GNSS architecture provides unsurpassed levels of scalability granularity for both current Ethernet and IPv4-based environments, as well as seamless migration to next generation networks supporting protocols such as IPv6, MPLS and HVPLS.
Our 4GNSS architecture with T-Flex is a significant divergence from the common approach to networking infrastructure.
The third-generation Triumph(TM) chipset delivers bandwidth density, traffic management and application support for current core and future distribution portion of the network -- The 4GNSS architecture extends intelligence, scalability and flexibility in the core of the network.
For Extreme's enterprise customers, the 4GNSS architecture delivers cost-effective and dense Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connectivity, high availability, seamless support for IPv6 migration, and prepares the network for application convergence and the emergence of ubiquitous wireless connectivity at the edge.
With comprehensive support for Metro service provider requirements, the 4GNSS architecture delivers wire-speed IPv4, IPv6, MPLS, HVPLS and NAT, among a host of advanced features.