4ID4th Infantry Division
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Within this section are the steps 4ID executed with US Army Europe (USAREUR) to quickly enable the Division's IWfF to move from a relationship of dependence to one of contribution toward the European RAF mission, more specifically OPERATION ATLANTIC RESOLVE (OAR).
As individual HETs became ready to move, they were put into the flow with little regard for unit integrity--the 4ID was needed desperately in the fight for Baghdad.
His previous assignments include platoon leader 62d Chemical Company (heavy decon), Republic of Korea; battalion chemical officer, 2-20 Field Artillery Regiment (FAR) (MLRS); HHB 2-20 FAR executive officer; and DIVARTY chemical officer, 4ID DIVARTY.
Headquartered in Houston, TX, 4ID Solutions LLC markets and distributes custom promotional wristbands, smart RFID wristbands and smart labels in combination with innovative customer-focused solutions.
The 4ID commander retained the 4th Military Police Company under division control because of the mission importance and the fact that there was no military police company to augment the division.
For example, 4ID can use JWARN effectively if it is integrated with MCS and FBCB2.
Taken from personal experiences from the second author, who was the Chief of Plans for 4ID from 2007-2008.
NETOPS tracked all links associated to the 2nd Brigade and report any issues to 4ID in its daily reports.
Families want to do everything they can to support their deployed soldiers, but it can be difficult to participate in proper training because of our busy schedules," said Traci Cook, spouse of a soldier with 4BCT 4ID at Fort Hood, Texas, who has experience as an FRG Leader.
4ID made maximum use of its social science asset, integrating it into its Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).
These documents include the draft S6 Officer Certification Checklist, a BCT TACSOP, C2 Equipment and Maintenance Trackers, Annex H/K templates, LTC Pat Dedham's CJTF-82 Lessons Learned brief, 4ID Commo Primer Re-Draft, BDE Below Signal FDU, BN Pocket Planning Guide, C2 Execution Matrix Template, CJ6 OEF AAR (Lessons Learned and Observations), COMMEX Template, FMI 6-02.
Hagy is assigned to 4ID, 1 Brigade, 4SB Charlie Company, a field infantry unit located at Ft.