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4NFFourth Normal Form
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Then he explains that one can overcome all the problems addressed by the lower normal forms simply by normalizing to 4NF.
The concept put forth by both Ulman & Widom and Kroenke that a database designer simply can use one normal form (BCNF or 4NF, respectively) to eliminate all lower level problems is attractive from a teaching perspective.
Stopping short of 4NF is not a wise business decision as many anomalies might still exist.
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Update anomalies and the justification for 4NF in relational databases.
Key-based update anomalies and the justification for 4NF in database design, in Proc.
Functional and multivalued dependencies are mainly used to produce a relational schema that is either a BCNF or 4NF, whereas referential integrity constraints are used to generate a 5NF schema.
In this way, our approach does not produce objects that are equivalent to the 3NF, BCNF, or 4NF (if an object is seen as a relation), but produces an object that derives the user's GD-constraints.
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Finally, we show that if M is conflict-free, then the set of root-to-leaf paths of scheme trees in nested normal form decomposition is precisely the unique 4NF decomposition [9, 16] of U with respect to M.