4PLFourth Party Logistics (similar to 3PL)
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"In essence, the 3PL or 4PL brings value by bringing visibility to the process," says Caterpillar Logistics' Diefenderfer: "The 3PL manages shipments from supplier to manufacturer, in many cases consolidating shipments using multi-stop truckloads rather than having various suppliers ship direct.
The latest report found on WGR, on the global Logistics Services (3PL & 4PL) market has mentioned several noteworthy players ruling the Logistics Services (3PL & 4PL) market.
Third-party logistics providers or 3PL firms are engaged in the business of providing outsourced logistics services such as inventory storage and management, picking and packing and Freight forwarding where as Fourth-party logistics providers or 4PL are companies engage in managing resources, technology, infrastructure, and provide supply chain solutions for businesses.
While the 4PL concept might make sense in some circumstances, finding a truly "agnostic" 4PL provider--one with no attachments to, or ownership of, transportation or other fixed assets--is difficult, and determining where the company's responsibilities end and the 4PL provider's begin is not always easy.
This form actually represents an upgrading of the already extant 4PL in the form of constant improvements, innovations, and generation of higher added value, increase of profits (Cohen, Young 2005) and competitiveness of enterprises.
In this study, we investigated the performance of the 4PL IRT model as an error correction mechanism by comparing it with the performance of the 3PL IRT model under two test administration conditions.
The group has been acknowledged as a pioneer in 4PL with expertise in cargo andcruise vessel handling, liner agency, bulk vessel handling, naval ship handling, freight forwarding, customs clearance, air cargo, charter flight operations, road transport, ship chandelling, tug owning, travel agency operations, bulk terminal operations and other services connected to the transportation industry.
Figure 1 illustrates a typical ICC for the 4PL IRT model with b = 0, a = 1, c = 0.2 and [delta] = 0.9.
There is also a buzz around fourth party logistics or 4PL. The concept of 4PL applies to very large organisations that liaise with a huge body of suppliers, vendors, distributors and whose operations are spread across a vast geographic area or globally.
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