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4WDFour-Wheel Drive
4WDFour Wheel Drive
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He said: "We ordered a Cherokee in July in the belief it was a 4WD because that's what we asked for and that's what was written on the order form.
The Pathfinder is available in 2WD and 4WD configurations, with all models powered by a fuel-efficient 260hp 3.
That 4WD system is fine for slippery surfaces but don't expect a great deal of mud plugging ability.
The global 4WD vehicle market is well diversified across all geographies, with the Americas holding the major share of the market currently.
When you're in 4WD, you're spinning a lot more heavy metal.
It allows the L200 to be driven in 2WD or fulltime 4WD mode on the road without the excessive wear and tear suffered by part-time systems as a result of transmission wind-up.
6-litre petrol engine extends the range of gear ratios to improve acceleration, hill-climbing and economy, with CO2 emissions lower than for the manual and in the case of the 4WD model further improvements to economy too.
The Hustler is a crossover-type concept model aimed to suit the active lifestyle of people who love nature, the outdoors and sports and the iV-4 is a compact SUV concept equipped with the company's next-generation 4WD system AllGrip to be launched in Europe in 2015.
The three-way switch offers pure two-wheel-drive, automatic on demand four-wheeldrive - in other words operating in 2WD normally but switching instantly to 4WD if the front wheels start to slip - and locked permanent 4WD.
It offers customers a distinctive, sophisticated 'Dynamic and Strong' styling, refined, premium-quality interior design, a new Dynamic Torque Control 4WD.
2-litre turbo-diesel as the 4WD TD4 model, and puts it in the sights of a growing number of people buying 2WD SUVs.
John Deere has added an Interim Tier 4 (IT4) engine option for its 744K 4WD loader.