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5-ASA5-Aminosalicylic Acid (anti-inflammatory drug)
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Compounds based on premix alone, premix with 5-ASA, premix with 6 wt% of halloysites and premix with 5-ASA encapsulated HNT were then processed in a twin-screw extruder (Haake Rheomex PTW 16 OS, Thermo Scientific, Germany) at a screw speed of 60 rpm.
Where treatment with oral 5-ASA is not sufficient to induce remission, patients are currently treated with systemic corticosteroids, which are associated with significant side effects.
The EU oral 5-ASA market is somewhat more fragmented.
A third agent, sulfasalazine (Azulfidine), is metabolized to 5-ASA plus sulfapyridine.
Patients with inactive UC and CD were treated with 5-ASA and 5-ASA plus the immunosuppressor azathioprine, respectively.
In terms of treatment satisfaction, nearly three-quarters of biologics-treated UC patients, two-thirds of 5-ASA treated patients, and over half of all immunomodulator treated patients report high satisfaction with their regimen; however, when asked about desired improvements, unaided, patients report desires for treatments to be safer with less side effects and with less frequent administration.
While 5-ASA and corticosteroids will remain the backbone of treatment, new products that delay progression to steroid treatment or surgery are vying for market space.
Falk Pharma GmbH has enrolled the first patients into a pivotal Phase III trial with LT-02, a novel barrier function therapy for mild-moderately active ulcerative colitis not responding to standard doses of 5-ASA.
Luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence was used to detect superoxide scavenging by extracts of the herbs, as well as by 5-ASA, and fluorimetry was used to detect peroxyl radical scavenging.
Treatments used by case patients were oral 5-aminosalycilic acid (5-ASA) used by 58 patients, rectal 5-ASA (10 patients), prednisone (47 patients), and azathioprine (9 patients), he noted.
Patients refractive to treatment with 5-ASA drugs typically receive a course of an oral, systemically absorbed corticosteroid, the success of which may be limited by significant side effects.
A third drug, sulfasalazine (Azulfidine), is metabolized to 5-ASA plus sulfapyridine.
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