5-DFive Dimensional
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5-D Leadership: Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World by Scott Campbell and Ellen Samiec examines Carter's story as an example of a common challenge that leaders face.
Product Ratings 5-D Leadership Holds user interest ** Value of Content *** 1/2 Self-Study Value *** Instructional Value *** 1/2 Value for the money *** Overall rating ***
5-D Tropical imports fish from Asia, Africa, and South America for retailers primarily throughout the Southeastern United States.
DHL developed a solution for regional ground distribution for 5-D Tropical through its "hub induction" program, a contract service that enables drop shipping at a DHL hub.
DHL's regional ground footprint now opens new business opportunities for us, and allows us to be much more competitive with other pet shop and supply businesses in the region," said Jason Diaz, Vice President of 5-D Tropical.
For ground or air transport, 5-D Tropical fish are packaged in heavy duty plastic bags injected with Oxygen to sustain life for up to 40 hours.
5-D theater mode enhances Dolby Surround by simulating stereo rear speakers with use of mono rear information.