5-FC5-Fluorocytosine (antifungal agent)
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After a 24 h incubation, the mixed cell cultures were exposed to 1 mmol/L 5-FC or 10 mmol/L 5-FC.
To assess apoptosis, stably transfected cells were plated at a density of 4 x 10 [sup]3 cells/well and incubated for 24 h and then 1 mmol/L 5-FC was added to the culture for 24 h.
Six days after initial tumor inoculation, all the mice received an intraperitoneal injection of 5-FC (500 mg/kg), which was repeated once/day for 2 weeks.
Figure 2]a shows the effects of the combination gene therapy with 5-FC treatment on HepG2 cells.
We investigated the bystander effect of each group in response to 5-FC treatment.
To address whether the combination of Hsulf-1 plus CD gene therapy enhanced apoptosis in the presence of 5-FC we measured apoptosis in the transfected cells following treatment with 1 mmol/L 5-FC.
To establish a possible mechanism for Hsulf-1 in combination with CD in inducing chemosensitivity to 5-FC we visualized intracellular calcium distribution.
Six days after the tumor inoculation chemotherapy with 5-FC was initiated.
Survival analyses were conducted on the mice inoculated with the tumor and treated with 5-FC.