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5-FU5-Fluorouracil (drug used against pancreatic cancer)
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In collaboration with Karolinska, Saladax can now offer 5-FU testing and 5-FU dose management to hospitals and oncologists throughout Europe that want to offer their patients the benefits of 5-FU dose management without setting up their own laboratory testing.
ONIVYDE in combination with 5-FU and leucovorin achieved a longer progression-free survival compared with the 5-FU and leucovorin arm (3.
This resulted in significantly greater anti-proliferative activity with NUC-3373 than 5-FU across a broad range of sensitive and resistant cancer cell lines.
Don ethanol extract (SBE) combined with low close 5-FU in vitro and in vivo, as well as the possible mechanisms.
The 42% response rate achieved with the administration of TEGAFIRI and the 39% response rate in patients receiving TEGAFOX are promising and comparable to those results achieved with infused 5-FU combinations.
We are enthusiastic about CoFactor's potential to enhance the efficacy and safety of 5-FU chemotherapy in the treatment of refractory breast cancer.
In use as a cancer drug for decades, 5-FU is a mainstay of various treatment regimens for solid tumors including those of the colon, stomach, esophagus, breast, and head and neck.
Editor's Note: Pretreatment with curcumin prior to 5-FU administration revealed a benefit in 5-FU sensitive as well as resistant cells.
BEL-7402/5-FU cells were cultured in the above-mentioned medium with the addition of 20[micro]g/ml 5-FU until at least 2 weeks before beginning experimentation.
for use as a potential treatment for accidental overexposure to the chemotherapy drug fluorouracil (5-FU) due to dosing errors or impaired clearance of 5-FU from the body.
The results indicate that mixtures of [beta]-aescin and 5-FU showed a synergistic effect on the 50% inhibitory effect when their ratio was 4:1 when compared with either agent alone.