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5-FU5-Fluorouracil (drug used against pancreatic cancer)
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Cardiotoxicity probably due to 5-FU was suspected and chemotherapy discontinued from day 3.
Intralesional 5-FU plus TCA is significantly better than intralesional TCA alone in the treatment of keloids.
In light of recent developments surrounding tumor immunotherapy, the researchers decided to combine 5-FU with calcipotriol (calcipotriene, approved for psoriasis), which induces thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP), "an epithelium-derived cytokine and a master regulator of allergic inflammation in the skin," according to the authors.
The combination of 5-FU and calcipotriene was associated with an 86% reduction in the number of facial AKs, compared with a 26% reduction among patients who used 5-FU monotherapy (P less than .
To evaluate the clinical efficacy of low dose intralesional 5-FU in the treatment of keloids.
Our purpose was to investigate the effects of 5-FU on tendon adhesions in partially divided profundus flexor tendons (flexor digitorum profundus [FDPs]) following surgical repair and in partially divided FDPs without surgical repair and to compare the results of the repair versus the nonrepair of zone two injuries via macroscopic and biomechanical evaluations of tendon adhesions.
Don ethanol extract (SBE) combined with low close 5-FU in vitro and in vivo, as well as the possible mechanisms.
Data from medical records of all diagnosed cancer patients at SKMCH and RC registered between January 2002 and December 2004 receiving 5-FU as a part of chemotherapy was analysed retrospectively, including serial analysis of ECG.
Adverse reactions and side effects of 5-FU are more likely to occur with systemic use.
Capecitabine in combination with oxaliplatin appears to be a safe and active regimen with a comparable efficacy to infusional 5-FU in combination with oxaliplatin.
We are pleased to have launched this study of CoFactor in combination with 5-FU in advanced breast cancer," said James A.