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5-AED5-Androstenediol (steroid)
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Drugs such as 5-androstenediol [29], G-CSF [9], and captopril [30] have been noted to be effective for mitigating RI-induced lethality; however, when these drugs were administered for CI treatment, they were ineffective in improving survival after CI, implying that skin wound trauma requires additional remedies specific for wound treatment.
Lee, "A study of the effect of sequential injection of 5-androstenediol on irradiation-induced myelosuppression in mice," Archives of Pharmacal Research, vol.
Androstanediol and 5-androstenediol profiling for detecting exogenously administered dihydrotestosterone, epitestosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone: potential use in gas chromatography isotope ratio mass spectrometry.
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