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506Variant Also Negotiates (HTTP status code)
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For better or worse, things remained the same for the next 17 years, notwithstanding the annual recommendations from the SEC's Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation to allow public solicitation and advertising of Rule 506 deals.
The Stellar Mettle Icon Mi- 506 has a 5-inch display with 480 x 854 pixels resolution.
The design of the Elcometer 506 ensures that a uniform force can be easily applied throughout the range by smoothly rotating the gauge's crank handle, ensuring repeatable results to an accuracy of [+ or -]1%.
Prior to the JOBS Act, Rule 506 prohibited companies from offering securities through the use of general solicitation or advertising that was distributed to broad audiences such as through television, Internet, and other similar forms of communication.
Saint-Gobain Ind Ceramics, 1 New Bond Street, MS 506 301, PO Box 15136,
NASAA says that its online EFD system allows an issuer to submit a Form D for a Regulation D Rule 506 offering to state securities regulators and to pay related fees.
Stargell's blast bounced off the pavilion roof in right field and into the parking lot, making it the first home run to clear Dodger Stadium and the longest ever hit there, traveling 506 feet, 6 inches.