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507Insufficient Storage (HTTP status code)
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And tell them they're invited down to 507 Pine Street next Sunday for Sunday dinner.
2-magnitude NGC 507 located 6' east-southeast of the double star.
NGC 507 is rivaled by NGC 499 some 10' north of the double star.
And while you have NGC 507 handy, drift 6' south of it to find IC 1690, then south again a similar distance to locate IC 1689.
Drifting 3' southwest of NGC 507 you'll come to the spindly, nearly edge-on galaxy NGC 504.
They dimly mark the southwest corner of the NGC 507 group.
This modest sentinel stands guard at the northwest edge of the NGC 507 group.
50 from the post's 500 or so members cover some of the costs of maintaining the building, said Skip Callahan, second vice commander of Post 507.