50C50 Cent (band)
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The towels are made in the company's Vapi facility, which pays workers the minimum wage of 50c an hour.
"It will surely be one of the best 50c they'll spend so fair play to them on such a stunning coup."
An internet search using terms such as "50c European coins" will lead you to the correct ECB web page.
"Recent summers across the Middle East and south Asia have produced sweltering heat above 50C, melting roads, overwhelming power infrastructure and raising serious questions about the liveability of settlements from Iraq to India," The Guardian added.A Pakistani City Hit 122.4 Degrees In April, Probably Setting A World Record," read the headline on a reportby the Huffington Post.
The Garrett 50C expansion board is ideal for IoT applications, such as home automation control interfaces or handheld device development.
Highest temperature was recorded in Larkana 50C, Dadu, Sibbi, Sukkur, Mohenjo-Daro, Jacobabad 48C and Turbat 47C.
Although the highest recorded temperature in the UAE reached close to 50C on Tuesday, it was nowhere near 50C in Dubai but only between 42C and 47C between 9am and noon, a forecaster at the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) said.
High biomass of Bacillus 208 strain was procured at 50C and pH 7.0 which indicate the thermophilic nature of the bacterium (Fig.
Temperature is expected to reach 70C in open places, especially on white surfaces, desert sands, black and solid mountainous terrain, and between 50C to 60C as usual on earth surface.
Meanwhile, a Cabinet spokesman said even if temperatures reached 50C a public holiday will not be declared - as is believed to be the case in Kuwait.
Participants cover 250km of the Moroccan Sahara desert over six stages, in temperatures averaging 50C throughout the day.