5ESS#5 Electronic Switching System (AT&T)
5ESSElectronic Switching System #5 (Pentagon Renovation Project)
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Lucent Technologies 5E-XC high-capacity tandem switch supports up to 256,000 trunk lines, compared to 92,000 trunks on an existing 5ESS switch.
It allows users to expand the capacity of the Lucent Technologies 5ESS Digital Networking Unit-Sonet (DNU-S) switch by aggregating up to 28 asynchronous T1 lines into a synchronous STS-1 signal which then goes into the switch.
Carrier Access Corporation (Nasdaq: CACS), a leading provider of broadband access equipment, announced today that its Access Navigator GR-303 Host has successfully completed Lucent Technologies' interoperability testing, qualifying it for use with the Lucent 5ESS switch.
The 5ESS continues to be a key component of Lucent's 7R/E(TM) Packet Solution, providing broadband capabilities such as DSL services today and a smooth transition to packet networks in the future," Wilson added.
The 5ESS Switch is the most widely deployed system in the world," said Tim Dyer, Lucent sales vice president for emerging services providers.
The 5ESS Switch set a new record by becoming the only switch in the history of the ARMIS Report that has achieved less than thirty seconds of downtime per system, per year for four straight years.
By successfully completing interoperability testing with the Lucent 5ESS, ONE continues its commitment to make Foundation 303 the most automated, integrated, efficient, and cost-effective way to create, implement and test embedded GR-303 agents.
The next generation of the 5ESS Switch allows service providers to build or evolve a converged network to handle voice, data, and video in a cost-effective and seamless way.
As part of the agreement, U S WEST will deploy 41 new 5ESS Digital Switches over the next two years, replacing analog central office switches and software in the network.
The high-capacity switch consists of the most significant upgrades to the 5ESS switch in the last 10 years and nearly triples the capacity while requiring considerably less floor space.
With the addition of Lucent's MultiService Module, the 5ESS switch will help AT&T make a smooth transition from carrying traditional voice traffic using circuit-based switching to serving both voice and data needs of today's customers utilizing packet-based technology," said Jay Carter, Lucent business unit president.
NYSE: TER - news), a leading provider of broadband test capabilities, announced today that the Celerity test system has completed field trials to prove it can accurately qualify lines for DSL services through the 5ESS switch.