5GL5th Generation Language
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In his message at the 5GL, JC CFO Carlito Macadangdang told the huge crowd that the company continues to grow and expand with the goal of transforming not just the company but the lives of all distributors.
1999) podria explicar el ajuste a la serie logaritmica ([chi square]=3,18, 5gl, p>0,70).
Unlike popular proprietary 4GLs, Smalltalk is a standard 5GL that scales.
For details write enclosing a SAE to: MRS E HARDY, PO Box 71, St Ives, Cambs, PE27 5GL.
For details please enclose SAE Mrs E Hardy PO Box 71, St Ives, Cambs PE27 5GL
These 21 plants trace their maternal origins to `Rebel' (3), `Rebel II' (4), `Finelawn 5GL', `Thunderbird', `Shenandoah' (5), Coronado, Pure Seed Testing breeding population 5F8, and clones selected from the NJAES tall rescue breeding program.
4005 cable with a spring 3,2x20x159 + 5gl (156) + 3x45x90 pcs.
Patrick explains: "If you eat no more than 40 GLs a day: 10 for breakfast, 10 for lunch and 10 for dinner and two 5GL snacks a day then you will lose weight.
Contractor address : 15 Canada Square, , London, E14 5Gl
Contract awarded for Gray floor color paint in 5gl tank.
Recent advances in computer hardware have been accompanied by similar improvements in software, resulting in affordable fifth-generation languages (5GLs).