5VMFive Vector Model
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When finished, this will provide a 95 percent functional NKO; a more capable Sea Warrior portal and increased access to the Sea Warrior portal afloat; Navy E-Learning courses, 5VM, JASS Career Management System (JCMS), Navy Training Management and Planning System (NTMPS) Afloat; and the Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ), among other resources, such as content management and viewing systems.
And we all can take advantage of the 5VM, so I see this as an exciting challenge as our Navy and Marine Corps prepare to enter their 230th year of service.
That's why I say that the 5VM is both a requirement and a real resume.
CHIPS: In your brief you talked about how commanding officers will have the ability to view a Sailor's 5VM to make sure he or she is the right fit for the job.
A broader Sea Warrior portal, with NKO as the front door, is being integrated with the JCMS, 5VM, ETJ and more in a spiral development phased approach through October 2005.
The 5VM provides the ability to look at a person in terms of skill set performance.
We are trying to craft the 5VM as a spiral development process," Rondeau said.
In JCMS, every Sailor will have the opportunity to select open requisitions and compare career growth opportunities via the 5VM," said Lumley.
5VM has many new features within the Sailor viewing screen, and now includes both mentor and manager screens, to allow mentors and community managers to access individual models to conduct assessments of progress, and to become more fully involved in Sailor growth and development.
However, Sailors should bear in mind the functionality of the 5VM is limited by the amount of data available to support the various features.
Based on the job task analysis we did," said Hayes, "we found that these three rates were the most manageable to get up and running using the 5VM.
We need to give them every opportunity to understand the changes taking place, how those changes are going to affect their careers, and then how to manage the new systems like the 5VM [5 Vector Model] and CMS [Career Management System]," said Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC) Command Master Chief CNOCM(SS/SW/AW) Phil Russell.