5VMFive Vector Model
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When finished, this will provide a 95 percent functional NKO; a more capable Sea Warrior portal and increased access to the Sea Warrior portal afloat; Navy E-Learning courses, 5VM, JASS Career Management System (JCMS), Navy Training Management and Planning System (NTMPS) Afloat; and the Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ), among other resources, such as content management and viewing systems.
And we all can take advantage of the 5VM, so I see this as an exciting challenge as our Navy and Marine Corps prepare to enter their 230th year of service.
"We are tying JCMS in with the 5VM where the Sailors will have a career path established on their 5-Vector Model, and with JCMS they can use the job mapping capability to look for jobs they qualify for and submit applications," said Lumley.
You will be able, through 5VM and JCMS on NKO to follow your personal roadmap, one that reflects how you handle the opportunities given to the Sailors placed under your supervision and how you help them reach their potential.
Quickly gaining in popularity on NKO is accessing the Sailor's 5VM, which displays a Sailor's current skill sets along vectors such as professional development, personal development and leadership.
The 5VM breaks down into five categories the skills and knowledge that Sailors need to be successful: professional development, personal development, military education and leadership, certifications and qualifications, and performance.
The first was the human performance systems model, and the second was the 5VM. Understanding the symbiotic relationship between the two models is essential to understanding how the HCS will create a Sea Warrior who has the capability to access, develop, maintain, optimize and provide the human capital to meet the mission of the Navy.
They now have a direct link to their 5VM and access to their enlisted master file, which is a reference page containing personal career and contact data.
5VM has many new features within the Sailor viewing screen, and now includes both mentor and manager screens, to allow mentors and community managers to access individual models to conduct assessments of progress, and to become more fully involved in Sailor growth and development.
Sea Warrior is based on a five-part "vector" model, or 5VM, as it's commonly known, which focuses on a Sailor's professional development, personal development, professional military education and leadership, certifications and qualifications and performance.