5W1HWhen, Where, Who, What, Why and How
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Por fim, realizou-se um brainstorming para a exposicao dos resultados, analise das causas e elaboracao de um plano de acao, 5W1H, com o proposito de sugerir estrategias de melhorias.
Section 4 explains user scenarios with sample data for explaining prescriptive analytics services based on 5W1H. Section 5 discusses the proposed framework.
These represent the what and the when of the 5W1H (the rest of the elements are not always found in straight news articles, especially in recent periods).
Como caracteristicas necessarias aos clientes destacam-se: Conhecimento tecnico de sua operacao; Conhecimento nas principais ferramentas relacionadas a busca da causaraiz, tais como Brainstorming, Diagrama de 5 Por ques, Diagrama de Ishikawa, e Elaboracao de plano de acao com base em 5W1H.
"The conference emphasizes the importance of the connection between news and design, starting with the universally recognized news formula 5W1H [who, what, why, when, where and how]," Ulga told Today's Zaman.
While these particular whys are addressed by Shingo at the "five elements of production," or "5W1H,"--" 1.
The classical terms of 5W1H in business administration represent useful starting points in assisting top executives in achieving the above.
Market driven includes many powerful tools such as 5W1H analysis, tracing method, focus group, individual interviews, affinity diagram, and cluster analysis [13,14].
Baik, "CA5mHOnto: ontological context-aware model based on 5W1H," International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, vol.
Planning probably means different things to different people, but if you want to go down to the fundamentals of planning, for me it boils down to 5W1H, sometimes also called the "5 Wives 1 Husband" technique.