5W1HWhen, Where, Who, What, Why and How
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the 5W1H question prompt-based concept mapping approach) in comparison with the feedback from the control group.
Facilitating cooperation: Thirty students in the experimental group stated that students in the same team knew how to play their roles following the 5W1H question prompts to search for data and integrate their findings during the website development process.
This study provided obvious rules with 5W1H project-based learning for students.
The "Lead" mainly answers 5W1H questions (when, what, who, where , why, how) ; the "Body", in addition to answering the questions that were not answered in the Lead, provides a more detailed description and background knowledge of the event.
Some may function as supplement to the Lead, providing answers to the remaining unanswered 5W1H questions.
This is often achieved through the use of techniques such as 5W1H (asking Why does an activity occur, Who does it, on What machine, Where, When and How).
Often this is achieved through the use of techniques such as the 5W1H (asking: Why does an activity occur?
Training programs conducted for this program are Communication from heart, Basic Health Safety Environment (Basic HSE) Awareness, Customer Service from heart, Time Management, Personal SWOT analysis, Practical 5W1H technique, Team work, Character Building, Mini team building.
The conference program emphasizes the importance of the relationship between news and design, starting with the universally recognized news formula 5W1H -- who, what, when, where, why and how -- and adding to it the "+1D" (+1T in Turkish) for design.
3) La sigla 5W1H hace referencia a las palabras inglesas What, Why, Who, When, Where y How.