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The ALIO 3-axis laser processing system supplied to IPG/Politecnico is an example of ALIO's 6-D Nano Precision motion system integrated with a Power PMAC from Delta Tau.
Today, ALIO has a dedicated team of professionals building over 300 standard True Nano Precision motion system products with 6-D Point Precision for the global nano precision market.
For 6-d females, the percent feeding on water was lower than the other solutions, but the amount of water consumed was not different than Nu-Lure or Nu-Lure plus sucrose.
Flies fed more on sucrose than on 10% Nu-Lure; this reached statistical significance with 6-d females (line 2, Tables 4 and 5).
Valine improved Nu-Lure and Nu-Lure in 0.2 M sucrose consumption by 6-d, but not 24-h males and females (line 6, Tables 4 and 5).
There were no differences in the consumption of water and 10% Nu-Lure by 24-h and 6-d males and females (Table 3).
Nu-Lure 100 [+ or -] 0 0.84 [+ or -] 0.23 *** Yeast Hydrolysate 0.004 [+ or -] 0.01 Comparison 6-d % feeding Male 1.
Nevertheless, the 4- and 6-d HTTs had similar effects on Mo17 when grown in vitro or under field conditions (Fig.
From SEMs of kernels exposed to the 4- and 6-d HTTs, it appears that HTTs affected peripheral endosperm cell divisions in both B73 and Mo17, although the effect was more severe in the latter (Fig.
In contrast, at 12 DAP the 6-d HTT reduced the number of endosperm cells formed by 51 and 63% with in vitro and field-grown B73 kernels, respectively (Fig.
For example, under in vitro conditions, 4- and 6-d HTT reduced the endosperm cell numbers of Mo17 by [approximately equals] 64 and 75% at 12 DAP, and by [approximately equals] 47 and 80% at 16 DAP, respectively (Fig.