6-DOFSix Degrees of Freedom (Simulation)
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This paper proposes a piezoelectric 12-DOF force/ acceleration sensor based on a study carried out on a piezoelectric 6-axis force sensor [12], and a single mass piezoelectric 6-DOF accelerometer [3, 13].
Dynamic model Identification for 6-DOF Industrial Robots, Journal of Robotics, Vol.
The end-effector pose obtained from a 6-DOF position sensor or other methods is treated as a feedback for the control system in task space coordinates [6-8].
In addition, some commercial haptic devices, including versions of Sensable's Phantom (now sold as Geomagic Touch) and Force Dimension's Delta (Force Dimension; Nyon, Switzerland), are capable of providing 6-DOF forces and torques; for example, Salisbury et al.
A 6-DOF wired robotic arm that is capable of replicating human arm motion is proposed.
The Army's Redstone Test Center (RTC) in Huntsville, Alabama, a subordinate of the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), recently integrated a large capacity 6-DOF (LC6-DOF) system into its Dynamic Test Division.
Tronics' goals are to implement a 6-DOF system on a 4-[mm.sup.2] die in 2014-2015 and a 9-DOF version in 2015-2016.
As shown in Figure 6(a), the system contains an FMCW radar operating at 24 GHz, a rotary encoder attached on an auxiliary wheel for measuring the velocity, and a 6-DoF MEMS IMU board.
The first analyzed record is represented by the simulated response to a Gaussian white noise applied to degree-of-freedom (DOF) number 1 of the 6-DOF system shown in Figure 1.