6-DOFSix Degrees of Freedom (Simulation)
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In this paper, the CT system with a car-trailer combination is represented by the nonlinear 6-DOF yaw-roll model to identify the unstable motion modes and predict the critical speed(s) of the nonlinear CT system.
Dynamic model Identification for 6-DOF Industrial Robots, Journal of Robotics, Vol.
Li, "Design and analysis of a novel 6-DOF redundant actuated parallel robot with compliant hinges for high precision positioning," Nonlinear Dynamics, vol.
Laboratory 6-DOF vibration systems represent the latest chapter in a long history of refining the accuracy of laboratory vibration tests.
The workspace of 6-DOF parallel robot is hard to compute and express [3-7], because it is a complex six dimensional volume with non-linear boundaries.
In the current system, we used a 6-DOF force sensor to measure the force and moment around three separate axes: x, y, and z.
The mechanism included in this study is the 6-DOF parallel mechanism [14].
The new 6-DOF IMUs, which have gyroscopic sensors on three axes and accelerometers on three directions, also have built-in support for two widely used industrial interfaces: the CAN protocol in the case of the M-G550-PC and the RS-422 in the case of the M-G550-PR.
One example of novel 6-DOF cable-driven robot was developed by the team at State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems in Bejing (Li et al.
These models, which go well beyond linear 6-DOF ROMs, fully capture the complex non-linear dynamics inherent in MEMS due to electrostatic forces, residual stresses, squeeze film damping, and multiple mechanical degrees of freedom.