6-DOFSix Degrees of Freedom (Simulation)
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In this way, there are two kinds of powertrain mounting system models: one is a 12-DOF full model consisting of a left mount, a right mount, and a torque strut mount, another is a 6-DOF equivalent model with the left and right mount remaining unchanged, while the torque strut mount is replaced by its equivalent mount.
This paper proposes a piezoelectric 12-DOF force/ acceleration sensor based on a study carried out on a piezoelectric 6-axis force sensor [12], and a single mass piezoelectric 6-DOF accelerometer [3, 13].
Dynamic model Identification for 6-DOF Industrial Robots, Journal of Robotics, Vol.
The end-effector pose obtained from a 6-DOF position sensor or other methods is treated as a feedback for the control system in task space coordinates [6-8].
In this paper, the CT system with a car-trailer combination is represented by the nonlinear 6-DOF yaw-roll model to identify the unstable motion modes and predict the critical speed(s) of the nonlinear CT system.
In addition, some commercial haptic devices, including versions of Sensable's Phantom (now sold as Geomagic Touch) and Force Dimension's Delta (Force Dimension; Nyon, Switzerland), are capable of providing 6-DOF forces and torques; for example, Salisbury et al.
A 6-DOF wired robotic arm that is capable of replicating human arm motion is proposed.
The Army's Redstone Test Center (RTC) in Huntsville, Alabama, a subordinate of the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), recently integrated a large capacity 6-DOF (LC6-DOF) system into its Dynamic Test Division.
Tronics' goals are to implement a 6-DOF system on a 4-[mm.sup.2] die in 2014-2015 and a 9-DOF version in 2015-2016.
As shown in Figure 6(a), the system contains an FMCW radar operating at 24 GHz, a rotary encoder attached on an auxiliary wheel for measuring the velocity, and a 6-DoF MEMS IMU board.
The first analyzed record is represented by the simulated response to a Gaussian white noise applied to degree-of-freedom (DOF) number 1 of the 6-DOF system shown in Figure 1.