6-DOFSix Degrees of Freedom (Simulation)
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Laboratory 6-DOF vibration systems represent the latest chapter in a long history of refining the accuracy of laboratory vibration tests.
In this paper, a fast self-tuning procedure is presented to get optimal damping for the 6-DOF AVIS with sky-hook damping.
A typical 6-DOF AVIS includes 3 vibration isolators, as shown in Fig.
A self-tuning procedure is proposed for 6-DOF AVIS with position feedback and velocity feedback, which aims at optimal damping of AVIS with Sky-hook.
2010, Workspace analysis of a 6-DOF Cable-driven parallel robot.
The stand can be mounted on the basis of the universal tensile-testing machine, for example, IR5145-5 on which motionless basis the motionless platform of the 6-DOF manipulator (Steward's platform) is installed.
In the current system, we used a 6-DOF force sensor to measure the force and moment around three separate axes: x, y, and z.
During the therapy exercise, the biomechanical model sensed the forces and torques at the human-robot interface through the 6-DOF force transducer attached to the subject's wrist.
The system consists of a CRS-255 robotic manipulator (CRS Plus, Burlington, Ontario, Canada) capable of 5-DOF movement, a 6-DOF force transducer (JR3, Inc, Woodland, California) sampled at 100 Hz, and 3-D pose sensors capable of measuring location and orientation (Patriot[TM], Polhemus, Colchester, Vermont) sampled at 60 Hz.
Optimum Design of 6-DOF Steward Platform, Proceedings of 1-st International Conference on "Optimisation of Robots and Manipulators OPTIROB 2006", pp.
These models, which go well beyond linear 6-DOF ROMs, fully capture the complex non-linear dynamics inherent in MEMS due to electrostatic forces, residual stresses, squeeze film damping, and multiple mechanical degrees of freedom.
InterSense will be providing an alpha IS-1200 system with fused optical and inertial tracking technology to track up to four mobile users in 6-DOF (degrees of freedom) as they walk around the E-Tech area visiting virtual booths and show activities.