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We determined intra- and interday imprecision by analyzing low, medium, and high concentrations of 6-TG and 6-MMP added to erythrocyte hemolysates.
The kinetics of conversion of thiopurine nucleoside monophosphates (6-TGMP and Me6-TIMP), diphosphates (6-TGDP and Me6-TIDP), and triphosphates (6TGTP and Me6-TITP) to 6-TG and 6-MMP derivatives was determined with nucleotide calibrators added to erythrocyte hemolysate at final concentrations of 10 [micro]mol/L for 6-TGNs and 100 [micro]mol/L for 6-MMPNs.
Similarly, the ion suppression was assessed at 2 additional final concentrations of 6-TG (1.
The quality-control samples for both methods [in-house drug-free erythrocyte lysates to which 6-TG (100 and 700 pmol/0.
The detection limit for 6-TG was calculated for both methods on the basis of a signal-to-noise ratio of 3.
Retention behavior of 6-TG and Me6-MP derivative was not significantly modified by the pH of the mobile phase in the range 3.
The chromatogram of the erythrocyte sample supplemented with 6-TG and Me6-MP derivative is presented in Fig.