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68KMotorola 68000 Series Microprocessor
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Although 68K applications have the advantage of running on a wide variety of Palm Powered devices, only Palm OS Protein applications -- ARM-native applications written using the new Palm OS Protein APIs -- can take advantage of the many new features introduced in Palm OS Cobalt.
In addition, the toolset includes a Metrowerks ARMlet support library that contains many common Palm OS functions and lets developers access them from the ARMlet using the same syntax used for 68K code.
To date, Freescale has shipped more than a half billion 68K ColdFire core-based products.
May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Following quickly on last month's release of Cafe for Macintosh Java-compatible development environment, Symantec Corporation (Nasdaq: SYMC) announced today the availability of a significant update to the product providing the Symantec Just-in-Time Compiler (JIT), a graphical Java-compatible source code debugger, 68K support, and Apple Guide tutorials.
This new release provides support for Java, Pascal, and 68K development, as well as additional improvements to the environment.
The first release of Code Fragment Manager for 68K Macintosh systems, runtime software that enables developers to create shared libraries and drop-in code modules for 680x0-based applications in much the same way they do today for native Power Macintosh applications.
Designers of high performance embedded systems can retain their existing 68K code, benefit from component volumes driven by the PC industry, lower the cost of their products, and decrease their time to market.
This family of PCI to 68K bridge products will enable developers to adapt their legacy 68K designs to the growing number of high performance, low cost PCI peripheral devices.
In response to customer feedback and the growing popularity of ColdFire microprocessors, we have now developed ColdFire support into our 68K toolset," says Harm-Andre Verhoef, TASKING product manager, Altium.
This CD will contain seven different Symantec compilers for the 68K and PowerPC.
0 C/C++ compiler suite supports PowerPC, MIPS, Motorola 68K and ColdFire, ARM, Intel Xscale/StrongARM, M CORE, Hitachi SH, Mitsubishi M32R, SPARC, SPARClite processor families.
AUSTIN, Texas, March 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola's High Performance Microprocessor Division today announced that Oasys has ported its 68K Cross Tools to the Motorola Integrated Development Platform (IDP) board.