6FDA2,2'-Bis (3,4-Dicarboxyphenyl) Hexafluoropropane Dianhydride
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1] range belonging to stretching of the C-F bonds in the CF3 groups of the 6FDA moieties [16] in HBPI(6FDA-TTM) are also obvious in this spectrum.
The monomers used in the synthesis of PI, 6FDA and TeMPD were used as-received without further purification.
The monomers used in the synthesis, which include 6FDA (Daikin Industries), p-aminophenethyl alcohol (APA; Sigma-Aldrich Co.
The data for UV 0 min was used for 6FDA-TeMPD because the unirradiated 6FDA TeMPD-BEI (UV 0 min) was brittle.
The competition between flexible ODA moieties and rigid 6FDA sequences containing hex- afluoroisopropylidene groups--characterized by steric hindrances that can prohibit close packing of chains (44) leads to a maximum viscosity for poly(6FDA-ODA).
DOCDA, or of an aromatic fluorine- based one, 6FDA, as como nomers which reduce the chain-chain interaction and disrupt the CT interaction among aromatic diaminc moieties (ODA or PPD).
Poly(amic acid) (PAA) was synthesized from 6FDA and APS in DMAc with a low temperature method.
Fluorinated Pis are in general transparent because electron conjugation is limited by the fluoroalkyl units in the 6FDA molecular main chain and the [CF.
3FDA, 6FDA, 1,3,4-APB, and 3,4'-ODA in the presence of PEPA as reactive endcapping agent [16].
Samples Dianhydride Diamine mixture PI-1 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-2 6FDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-3 ODPA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-4 9FDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-5 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(50), 3,4'-ODA(50) PI-6 BPDA 1,3,4-APB PI-7 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) Samples Calculated [M.
The chemical shifts of protons in the 6FDA moiety are located at 8.
2], but the great change in local concentration of 6FDA moieties offsets the increase in gas diffusivity.