6VPEIPv6 on VPN to Provider Edge Router
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In 6VPE, the PE router disseminates routing information via Multiprotocol BGP.
6VPE allows ISPs to offer IPv6 within VRFs, and is configured in the vpnv6 address family.
6VPE is a mechanism to use the IPv4 backbone to provide VPN IPv6 services.
2) 6VPE Configuring: To setup an end-to-end IPv6 (6VPE) connectivity between CE routers, a BGP session is required between PE-CE routers.
4) Overall performance: 6VPE is used to provide VPN IPV6 service in IPv4 MPLS core.
** IPSEC is used with 6VPE to provide Encryption in case that customer s don't trust service provide and MPLS does not imply any type of encryption so customer can encrypt their traffic using IPSEC in CE router.
Moreover, the a 6VPE test environemnt has been implemented to structure an IPV6 VPN service in IPv4 only MPLS provider.