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After a short stop at Mog Mog Island, the 6th Marines headed for Okinawa.
The US Navy withdrew one of Butler's regiments, the 6th Marines, after a tour of little more than a year, but the 4th Marines would remain at Shanghai until the eve of America's entry into World War II.
The 6th Marines returned to Shanghai to assist the 4th Marines in preventing the fighting from spilling over into the International Settlement.
An Afghan soldier searches a farmer in Marjah Troops from Bravo Company, 1st Battlion, 6th Marines, in Marjah yesterday A U.
One other regiment, the 6th Marines, formed Major General Holland M.
The good news spurred General Smith to release the 6th Marines for Tarawa.
6th Marines and 2nd Anglico Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic, he served with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean.
Born in Battle Ground, Indiana; graduated from DePauw University (1926); attended basic school in Philadelphia with temporary duty assignments both at home and in Tientsin (1926-28); served at Quantico, Pensacola, and San Diego (1928-29); assigned to USS Maryland (1929-31); company officer, San Diego and Puget Sound (1931-33); temporary duty with Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho and New Jersey (1933-34); served with 4th Marines in Shanghai and at American legation in Beijing (1934-36); student and then instructor with junior officer course at Quantico (1937-40); 6th Marines.
The 6th Marines turned north and within three weeks swept the upper island clear of the enemy.
A week of fighting brought the 6th Marines through a crack west of the hill, while the 1st Marines battled through a series of equally hideous ridges and defiles to surmount Shuri Heights.
to teach amphibious operations at Quantico (1936-1939); was promoted to lieutenant colonel (1938); operations officer of the Fleet Marine Force at San Diego (July 1939); commanded the 1st Battalion, 6th Marines (June 1940); served with his regiment in Iceland (May 1941-March 1942); returned to Washington as executive officer of the Marine Corps Plans and Policies Division (April 1942-January 1944); he took command of 5th Marine Regiment (March 1); planned and executed a landing to capture Talasea on the Willaumez Peninsula (March 6); was promoted to brigadier general and made deputy division commander (April); planned the division's landings on Peleliu, and directed the division's operations ashore on the first day of invasion (September 15); named Marine deputy chief of staff in Gen.