7-ACA7-Aminocephalosporanic Acid (chemical)
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The biocatalytic conversion for CPC into 7-ACA, the key intermediate to cephalosporin derivates was developed (5).
The alternative enzymatic approach is a one-step enzymatic method process in which CPC is converted directly into 7-ACA by a CPC acylase (CA; Scheme 2).
This enzymes can hydrolyze GL-7-ACA to 7-ACA in high yield but have less activity against CPC; type 3 GL-7-ADCA acylase.
The natural of cephalosporin C acylase catalyzed the CPC to 7-ACA directly in a very low efficiency (14,15,16), significant substrate inhibition (14), and product inhibition (14).
With the acquisition of the Sandoz Hochst site, CordenPharma Group will become one of the major suppliers of 7-ACA to customers worldwide.