7-DOFSeven Degrees-Of-Freedom (vehicle simulation model)
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Therefore, to improve the computational accuracy of the 7-DOF simplified model without wheelsets, the lateral velocities of the wheelsets of the full-size three-dimensional vehicle model in the multi-body dynamic software ADAMS/Rail are exported as the excitation matrix W = [[[??].sub.[omega]1], [??].sub.[omega]2], [??].sub.[omega]3], [??].sub.[omega]4]].sup.T] of the 7-DOF simplified model.
The mass, rotational inertia, and other simulation parameters of this model are the same as those in the 7-DOF model that we analysed.
After the simulation, the lateral velocities [[??].sub.[omega]1], [[??].sub.[omega]2], [[??].sub.[omega]3] and [[??].sub.[omega]4] of wheelsets 1, 2, 3 and 4 are exported respectively from ADAMS/Rail as the transitive excitation of the 7-DOF simplified vehicle model.
The 7-DOF simplified model does not account for the DOFs of the wheelsets.
Our research team design a 7-DOF modular reconfigurable robot and the modular joint is shown in Figure 3.
By the robot configuration, design parameters, and size parameters, the D-H parameters of 7-DOF modular robot can be determined, as shown in Table 2.
By the D-H parameters, the kinematic model is established for 7-DOF modular robot.
Therefore, the kinematic model is expressed as Formula (3) for the 7-DOF modular robot.
Thus the 7-DoF full car model can be represented by a T-S fuzzy model composed of 16([2.sup.4]) rules as listed in Table 1.
An active suspension using T-S fuzzy control and ARC control has been designed for a 7-DoF full car model.
Caption: FIGURE 1: Active suspension structure for the 7-DoF full car model.
(3) The 7-DOF brake vibration model based on the Stribeck effect can be used to design and investigate the brake system parameters because its brake noise predictions agree well with the dynamometer test results.