74BAirplane Hijacking (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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Army Human Resources Command, "Notification of Future Change to DA Pam 611-21, O-0804-06, Revision of Officer Branch 74 (Chemical) and Area of Concentration (AOC) 74A (Chemical, General), Skill Identifier (SI) L3 (Technical Escort) and 5H (Nuclear Target Analyst; Deletion of AOC 74B (Chemical Operations and Training), and AOC 74C (Chemical Munitions and Materiel Management)," memo, 21 May 2007.
Established in 2006, the clinic occupies an 8,000-square-foot medical office at 74B Centennial Loop.
In less than 12 months we will implement the Information Technology/Information Assurance Force Design Update, which assigns 74B Soldiers to all echelons down to maneuver battalions, and adds Functional Area 53 officers and Specialty 254 "TOC Warrants" at maneuver brigades.
Northwest Neurospine Institute LLC, 74B Centennial Loop, Suite 200.
There were indicators which showed a complete Data Package Team with Transport should be made up with current MOSs 31L, 31W and 74B.
Language appeared to be no barrier to several individual 35th Signal soldiers who, since December 2002, excelled as honor graduates in the 31L course, and as two distinguished honor graduates in the 74B course.
The Cisco curriculum is part of the occupational training for enlisted soldiers and noncommissioned officers in military occupational specialty 74B, warrant officers with 251A and 250N specialties and officers branched 25A or holding functional areas 53, 24 and 30 designations.
First, as school-trained Signal soldiers (25A, 74B and 31U), our team didn't receive institution-based training in actual computer programming.