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7878 rpm record
78Desk Assignment Call (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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The shift to the slower-speed microgroove formats explains the much reduced importance of foreign brands such as Columbia, Philips and HMV and of formerly dominant Thai companies such as Kratai in the Late Period of Thai 78 rpm record production, compared to the Middle Period.
For better or worse, I'm just a 78 RPM record living in an iPod world!
The discovery of a 78 rpm record has re-kindled claims that some of Winston Churchill's famous wartime speeches were delivered by a stand-in actor, Norman Shelley, and recorded when Churchill was too busy to come to the studios in the heat of war.
Bolig's appendices include eight superbly reproduced color pages documenting a variety of 78 rpm record labels used for Caruso recordings.
The third item in the live auction is an old gramophone, to-gether with a 78 rpm record of Adelina Patti singing Home Sweet Home (anticipated price: pounds 125).
Its old record coasters are a nostalgic-must for the pre-MTV generation, made from original 78 rpm record centres each set comprises four titles, pounds 14.99.
In fact, his first albums were originally recorded on 78 rpm record discs and are now much sought after collectors' pieces.
The range of recording media included has been broadened beyond the 78 rpm record, almost to the point of bursting the work's scope.
Some of the 78 rpm records I saw that day came in paper sleeves with an image of the Rizal Monument.
Not a single shot of an old gramophone playing 78 rpm records! Miracle!!
Born on June 26 in 1873, she was the first Indian to record music on 78 rpm records in the country.
It is comprised of a collection of operas in cylinders, 33, and 78 rpm records from the end of the nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century.