8PSKEight-Phase Shift Keying
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To the most known PSK variations belong four-level QPSK and 8PSK techniques.
The graphs, Blue for BPSK, Red for QPSK Black for 8PSK and yellow for 16PSK modulation indicate BER average and green curve is the target BER.
Broadcom's BCM7335 with PVR functionality, and higher capacities enabled by 8PSK modulation, is one of those SoCs well suited for more efficient HD channel delivery and widespread adoption.
When the GSM/EDGE option is used, the new two-path vector signal generator can change the modulation between GMSK and 8PSK EDGE in real time and offers all burst types defined in the standard.
The CMU300 comes ready for all GSM bands as well as 8PSK (EDGE) modulation.
With 8PSK modulation, the performances are close to identical for BERs down to [10.
Similarly, the false alarm rates employing QPSK and 8PSK can be obtained, [[alpha].
The new Digital Modulation Analysis tools will include support for constellation diagrams, EVM measurements, symbol tables, a gray-code handler, I/Q inversion, and bit/symbol pattern recognition for formats of O-QPSK, QPSK, BPSK, 8PSK, n/4DQPSK, 8DPSK, DQPSK, and QAM16.
Application of forward correction (FEC) negatively effects the transmission using 8PSK and QPSK modulation types resulting in decrease of the transmission quality.
Demonstrating an industry breakthrough, these astounding data rates can be achieved when using 8PSK, 16APSK or 32APSK modulation.
According to the company, the ZL20250 transceiver is the first off-the-shelf cell phone radio chip with full, two-way compatibility for 8PSK (8-level phase shift keying), the high-density digital modulation scheme that gives EDGE its 384 Kb/s data rate.
The function of the platform is to calculate BER of a generic system with 8PSK modulation and a data rate of 24.